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Eligibility and Teaching Models

Applicants for the U.S. Faculty Scholar Program must be U.S. citizens and must hold an academic appointment at the level of Associate Professor, Professor, or Emeritus. The applicant submits a proposal to VEF to teach for one or two full academic terms at a Vietnamese university using one of two models:

(1) On-site in Vietnam, via face-to-face teaching
(2) From the United States, via interactive, real-time video-conferencing

U.S. Faculty Scholars who wish to use the video-conferencing model must arrange on-site visits to Vietnam that take place for at least one week at the beginning of the course(s) and one week at the end of the course(s). Courses taught by video-conference must be live, that is, in real time. Webcasts or similar programs, such as Adobe Connect, may also be used to achieve the intended purpose as long as the result is a highly interactive and dynamic remote course. Communications, which occur between the remote live class sessions, may use Skype or similar types of connections; however, such connections cannot serve as the major mode of course delivery. Courses using this model cannot be taped in advance and delivered passively by DVD or by any other means. To assure technical capabilities, the applicant must obtain written confirmation from both the U.S. and Vietnamese universities regarding the following: (1) sufficient Internet connectivity; (2) availability of highly reliable videoconferencing and/or webcasting equipment and facilities; (3) access for each student to all necessary equipment to function independently; and (4) availability of technical personnel to help manage the details.

In both models, the grant applicant must arrange in advance the details of the teaching engagement directly with the Vietnamese university and secure in writing from the Vietnamese host institution a commitment regarding the teaching conditions and the host institution's specific financial support and method of payment.

The grant may include team teaching, incorporating additional U.S. faculty. In this case, the applicant remains the principal grantee and any other U.S. faculty will be financed through the applicant's grant and not separately. All arrangements for additional U.S. faculty are managed by the applicant. All faculty on the teaching team must abide by the same specifications enumerated in the U.S. Faculty Scholar Program regarding the standards and delivery of the course(s). The applicant as the principal grantee is considered the VEF U.S. Faculty Scholar, while other faculty are considered members of the teaching team.