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Vietnam Open Courseware (VOCW)

Connexions Workshop The Connexions Workshop demonstrated how the Connexions software tools work, how Connexions facilitates teaching and learning, and how Connexions can be adapted to the Vietnamese environment. The Connexions Workshop also helped IT technicians learn how to install and maintain local connection servers (Rhaptos). About 70 participants in Hanoi and 50 inch. The participants included members of the Vietnam OpenCourseWare (VOCW) Project Team, representatives and IT technicians of VOCW member universities. July 18, 2006, in Hanoi
 July 20,
2006, in HCMC
Workshop on Course Design and Evaluation for Vietnam OpenCourseWare  The workshop is part of the long-term project that is run cooperatively between VEF and MOET. The project aims at bringing the most updated and highest quality teaching and learning materials from the leading universities in the world to Vietnam by introducing and encouraging Vietnamese scientists, faculty members, students, and self-learners to use the Open Educational Resources (OER) in their teaching, learning, and research work. 30 participants from all over the country who are the content developers and evaluators for the VOCW project. June 14 & 15, 2007 in Hanoi June 17 & 18, 2006 in HCMC
OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC) Global Meeting
As a member of the OCW Consortium (OCWC), VEF attended the OCWC Global Meeting, Open Education Conference 2009, in Monterrey, Mexico, in April 2009 and gave a presentation on the VOCW project.

Recognizing the success of the VOCW project, Vietnam was selected by the OCW Consortium to host the 2010 Annual OCWC Global Meeting 
Awareness raised in Vietnam about open courseware materials.  May 5, 2010 May 7, 2010
Creative Commons License (CCL) Vietnam  Creative Commons License (CCL) Vietnam to facilitate recognition of intellectual property rights related to VOCW, while CCL serves all forms of creativity. VEF transferred its responsibilities in 2010 to Creative Commons International and a Vietnamese law firm, D&N International. Vietnam now has Creative Commons License available for the first time.    
Other support activities Many other support activities were done in developing the VOCW project, including VEF arranged to provide MIT Open Courseware in Vietnam. VEF provided the Vietnamese universities with the hardware; the VEF Technical Director, IT & VOCW trained at Rice University, Texas; VEF trained faculty members at the Vietnamese universities, enlisting the services of Vietnamese experts to work together in order to develop content for an online undergraduate sample curriculum consisting of approximately eight courses in each of three science and technology fields: Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, and Biotechnology; VEF staff attended OCW Consortiums, etc.  Some Vietnamese universities use open courseware, including that available globally and that developed internally.