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Digital Signal Processing Summer Seminar (DSPSS)

From July 17-29, 2006, the Digital Signal Processing Summer Seminar (DSPSS) will take place at the Institute of Information Technology, VNU-Hanoi. It is expected that around thirty final-year, undergraduate and graduate students in the fields ofmathematics, physics, computer science, electronics and telecommunications will participate.
As there is growing interest in this area in Vietnam, this summer seminar will help prepare a group of young scientists in this cutting-edge technology as well as for future graduate study in the US.
Three Vietnamese American professors, who are experts in this field and are presently teaching in the U.S., will come to Vietnam and teach: ProfessorMinh Do, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;Professor Trac D.Tran, John Hopkins University; andProfessor Truong Nguyen, University of California at San Diego. In addition tothese three professors, six currentVEF Fellows will attend and give lectures.
Please click here for more information on the DSPSS.