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The following are the core VEF activities: (1) Fellowship Program, bringing Vietnamese nationals to the United States for graduate degree programs, funded through cost-sharing agreements with U.S. universities; (2) Visiting Scholar Program, funding Vietnamese nationals with a Ph.D. to develop their professional skills via studies, research, and/or observational activities at leading U.S. institutions; and (3) U.S. Faculty Scholar Program, providing grants to American professors to teach courses at Vietnamese institutions for one or two semesters, on-site in Vietnam or via interactive, real-time videoconferencing. VEF capacity-building efforts build the relationship between U.S. and Vietnamese institutions and government entities and strengthen the foundations in Vietnam for the return of VEF Fellows and Visiting Scholars to their home country.

The programs forcus on the major disciplines of sciences (natural, physical, and environmental), mathematics, medicine (such as public health, epidemiology, and immunology), engineering, and technology (including information technology). Fields include the basic sciences, such as biology, chemistry, and physics, as well as agricultural science and computer science. Priority will be given to applicants, whose field of study focuses on climate change (environmental sciences) or on nuclear energy, provided that all other qualifications are equal. For further details on the VEF supported fields of study, please click here.

Based on our enabling legislation and the impending closure of VEF in 2018, VEF is no longer offering any Fellowships or Grants