Bringing the United States and Vietnam Closer Together through Educational Exchange

Presentations to Vietnamese students by Ms. Sandarshi Gunawardena at the U.S. Embassy (Based on our enabling legislation and the impending closure of VEF in 2018, VEF is no longer offering any Fellowships or Grants)

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On 28 and 31 July, 2009, Ms. Sandarshi Gunawardena from the Vietnam Education Foundation made two presentations to Vietnamese students at the American Center. Her first presentation on "If you want to study in the United States" provided information about the U.S. higher education system and the unique traits of this educational environment. 100 students were given information on strategies for applying to U.S. universities and colleges and included advise on how to select institutions, admission requirements, application process and selection criteria, financial support, and resources to help them best prepare themselves for applying to study in the United States. Her second presentation on "American Ways: Understanding Cultural Traits and Behavior" was well attended by 70 participants.

This interactive presentation afforded insights into the salient cultural traits, values and beliefs that forge the character of the American people. The participants gleaned a deeper understanding of the country and people of United States through a cross-cultural discussion of American ways in comparison to their own cultural traits.